Team Yale

New Haven, Yale University, Beinecke MS 946 f 1r

Team Yale will examine the version housed at the Yale, Beinecke 946.

Team Yale members include:

  1. Caterina Agostini
  2. Debora Dameri
  3. Kuntal Chatterjee (Laura Morreale)
  4. Marika Tursi

Team Yale members will:

  1. Make sure to sign up for an account on Recogito.
  2. Review the place-names listed on the project log and in the exported text file (coming in early January 2021). Take note of the place names to assign to a proper locale. (Each participant will have around 60 places to locate and assign).
  3. Assign the proper locale in the Recogito interface for each place-name on the list and note when the assignment is complete.
  4. Review the assignment of those entries on “to review” list, and register them as complete on the project log once they have been approved.
  5. When all place names have been accounted for (location “assigned” or “unassigned’), send the exported CSV to Laura, and make the map URL public.